ImmunoSensation - the immune sensory system

Bald, Tobias How important are activating T cell receptors for T cell fitness?
Bartok, Eva Nucleases and Innate Immunity
Baumjohann, Dirk Continued Bcl6 Expression Prevents the Transdifferentiation of Established Tfh Cells into Th1 Cells During Acute viral Infection
Geyer, Matthias Insights into NLRP3 autoinhibition
Jorch, Selina Intravital microscopy of different organs revels new insights into S. aureus dissemination
Jung, Stephanie Separating extracellular vesicles from virions
Kürten, Stefanie Immunopathology of the enteric nervous system in multiple sclerosis
McManus, Roisin NLRP3 inflammasome activation in Alzheimer's disease, looking beyond IL-1beta
Meißner, Felix Decoding Intercellular Immune Signaling Networks by Quantitative Proteomics
Schlitzer, Andreas Using human experimental BCG vaccination to understand innate immune memory formation
Schmid-Burgk, Jonathan Efficient generation of context-dependent diversity in living cells
Schmidt, Florian Structure-guided multivalent nanobodies block SARS-CoV-2 infection and suppress mutational escape
Torres Fernandez, Lucia Trim71 in development and disease
Yamada, Shintaro Mouse models for highly pathogenic tick-borne bunyaviruses
Miller, Jacques; WEHI, Australia Thymus function revealed


The Digital Cluster Science Days consists, as well as the analogue, out of talks, poster sessions and networking opportunities.

  • The poster session will be realized by an ePoster Gallery, where each poster can be created in an interactive way.
  • Especially networking is quite difficult in corona times - therefore we will implement a softwaretool to enable you to connect during the breaks of the conference. gives you the opportunity to meet new people spontaneously by walking around or just make an appointment at a certain place.
  • The talks will be held via Zoom Meeting where you will have the chance to ask questions via the chat or personally.
  • Every registered participant will receive a detailed e-mail before the conference with the link to our conference platform. Here you can find all tools, links and further information clearly arranged in one place.